About Sexy Sweet Feet

Every woman knows what it is like to shop for hours to find a great outfit and some sexy heels to match. We can't wait for our night on the town, whether it is a great dinner, going to a show or even an all night out dancing. However a couple hours into the night our feet are on fire, blisters start forming, a strap is digging into our skin somewhere, our toes are being strangled and hobbling and limping have become part of our new walk. Feeling sexy has ended.

Well Sexy Sweet Feet is here to save the day or shall we save the night. You do not have to endure the pain and torture any longer!

Sexy Sweet Feet is a stylish flat that is sexy, classy and comfortable. This shoe is also very flexible and can be folded to fit into any small purse. We know you don't want to carry around a heel in each hand, so along with the stylish flat you get a stiletto tote bag to conveniently carry your heels home in style.